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Facilities & Sanitation

Campus Space Configuration

All classrooms and meeting spaces have been adjusted to allow for appropriate spacing and barriers where necessary. Maximum room capacities have been adjusted and, where needed, furniture has been removed and/or relocated. In some public areas, seating has been blocked to ensure appropriate spacing.

photo example of a Sinclair classroom at standard room occupancy of 20 students.
Standard Capacity 20 Students

Furniture Spacing

All instructional work and meeting spaces that will be occupied have been adjusted to allow for more physical distancing (appropriate spacing) and barriers where necessary. Maximum room capacities have been adjusted and, where needed, furniture has been removed and/or relocated. In some public areas, seating has been blocked to ensure appropriate spacing.

photo example of taping off alternative seats to maintain spacing
Taping off alternative seats to maintain spacing in lounge areas.
Building 10 Classroom
Building 10 Classroom

Barriers at Service Desks/Stations

155 plexiglass barriers have been installed around campus at a variety of high-traffic student-facing offices and locations.

photo example of plexiglass barrier in the Tartan Store
Plexiglass barrier in the Tartan Store checkout.


Signs have been installed in all Sinclair locations, reminding people of safety practices, and other appropriate behaviors to maintain social distancing and mark student queuing areas.

Social Distance Stand Here Sign art of 2 stick figures 6 feet apart

When at Sinclair, Please wear your: Mask, Shirt, and Shoes. Please no vaping, smoking, or cell phone talking in class. If you are unable to do so, please let us know why.

Red Sign art says Remember to Social Distance

Special Cleaning

Sinclair is committed to maintaining a healthy work environment. Physical distancing and sanitation steps have been taken to maximize safety. All campuses have undergone a deep cleaning and sanitation process, and plexiglass barriers have been installed where appropriate.

Sinclair has increased the frequency of cleaning bathrooms and disinfecting high-touch-point areas, including commonly touched surfaces, such as door handles, faucets, and handrails.

Sinclair has a new cleaning program based on a three-step approach:

  1. Return Safely
    • Site Assessment completed
    • Full campus deep cleaning
    • Acquisition of supplies
  2. Frequent High-Touch Disinfection
    • Elevator buttons, door handles, restrooms, chair arms in common areas, getting cleaned multiple times per day
    • Cleaning supplies distributed, and replenished nightly
  3. Broader Disinfection
    • Broader disinfecting of large areas leveraging electrostatic sprayers
    • Deep cleaning of all utilized campus areas nightly
    • Protocols in place to handle emergency cleaning needs of classrooms, offices, common areas, and vehicles in the event of known use by COVID-19 positive individuals

Hand sanitizer and cleaning materials will be made available throughout Sinclair and direction will be provided for employees to clean commonly used equipment before and after each use. Contact Service Control at 937-512-3090 or contact ABM Custodial Services at 937-512-5225 for additional supplies.

Faculty, students, and employees will all be asked to participate in cleaning efforts with responsibilities to sanitize surfaces and equipment in their own workspaces, classrooms or labs, as appropriate throughout the day. Employees must clean and disinfect communal items or equipment, such as copiers, printers, refrigerators, microwaves, etc. before and after each use. Equipment utilized by students in various course and lab sections will be cleaned in between each use.

Abundance of Supplies Acquired

A large volume of cleaning products has been purchased to have on hand. This will be replenished if necessary.

  • Hand Sanitizer, 180 Gallons
  • VIREX Virus Killer, 4,500 Liters
  • Wiping Cloths, 180 Packages
  • Paper towel rolls in each classroom, 283 Rolls

Good Record Keeping

Thorough records are being kept indicating what was done to a location, along with the time, date, and who completed the cleaning.

Interior Facilities Air Quality

High quality filters are our standard for Sinclair HVAC systems. The air quality in our buildings is good and kept in accordance with American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standards best practices to prevent the spread of any virus along with the use of good personal hygiene, source control and clean spaces. Our current practice is to provide extra outside fresh air to help combat this virus.

Hand Sanitizer Stations

Everyone is required to wash hands regularly or to use hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available. Sinclair has installed about 50 stations throughout the Sinclair campuses.

Special Cleaning Supplies for Use by Faculty and Staff

Each room will be supplied with a special COVID-19 cleaning kit. These items will be available for use at your discretion and are not meant to take the place of professional cleaning. To refill the items in a room’s kit, call 937-512-3090.

Each kit will contain:

alcohol wipes, masks, cleaning cloth, disinfectant cleaner, and roll of paper towels

Last updated August 28, 2020.