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About the Task Force

Sinclair Leaders (and Teams)

Restart Task Force
Chair: Adam Murka, Vice President, Advancement


+ Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Chair: Jeff Miller, Vice President, Administration

Sinclair's PPE team has worked to create detailed plans that address details around safe, secure, productive, and successful experiences for faculty, staff, and students. These plans also address enhanced cleaning of all facilities, signage to encourage the use of PPE and direct traffic flow, and the placement of hand sanitizing stations. 

+ Classroom / Meeting Space Configuration
Chair: Jeff Miller, Vice President, Administration

Sinclair's space configuration team has worked to create detailed plans that address new capacity requirements to maintain social distancing in classrooms, multipurpose spaces, and office areas.  

+ Course Modality
Chair: Kathleen Cleary, Senior Vice President and Interim Provost

Sinclair's course modality team has worked to ensure course quality, efficiency of delivery, and improve delivery modes and access where necessary. This team is also working with faculty to ensure they are informed of guidelines, restrictions, and new requirements for remote teaching and learning.

+ Communication
Chair: Madeline Iseli, Senior Vice President, Regional Development

Sinclair's communication team has worked to assess student and employee concerns and evaluate the quality of their online and remote work experiences through survey research to develop messaging points that address concerns, solve problems, identify technology and access issues, and identify likely enrollment trends based on present experiences.

+ Lab Configuration
Chair: Jeff Miller, Vice President, Administration

Sinclair's lab configuration and access team has worked to determine maximum lab capacity with distancing requirements as well as PPE protocols for lab and hands-on technical classes that cannot be taught online.

+ Student Services
Chair: Scott Markland, Senior Vice President, Student Development

Sinclair's student services team is actively engaging students through phone call campaigns and webinars to ensure a smooth transition to remote learning, identify student technology needs, support mental health and wellness, and provide summer and fall enrollment assistance.   

+ Legal Issues
Chair: Lauren Ross, General Council

Sinclair's legal issues team has worked to ensure that all guiding principles as well as new policies and practices are in compliance with federal and local government and ODHE requirements and recommendations.

+ Health Protocol
Chair: Rena Shuchat, Dean, Health Sciences

Sinclair's health protocol team has worked to determine what appropriate protocols need to be in place for employees and students to return to campus including temperature taking, hand washing, the proper use of PPE and face coverings, testing, contact tracing, and how those with symptoms will be quarantined on campus.

+ Workplace Policies
Chair: Dave Collins, Senior Vice President, Workforce and Organizational Development

Sinclair's workplace policies team has worked to create policies and guides to determine which staff positions can continue working remotely during the pandemic crisis and ensure staff are appropriately trained and have the necessary tools to carry out essential tasks while working remotely, as well as what steps employees must follow if they are unable to return to work due to health or child/eldercare concerns.


Last updated August 12, 2020.