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Software and Technology


Sinclair-specific Information Technology Training Materials

In response to the increased need to support remote work, Sinclair’s Information Technology Division has been working to create new training materials that will enhance the user experience for Sinclair employees working remotely. These materials include easy-to-follow documentation across an array of topical areas, as well as introducing new technologies that have been implemented. Examples include:

  • Accessing your H: drive
  • Forwarding your office phone to your mobile phone 
  • Accessing the Document Management System
  • Scheduling a Zoom meeting
  • Securing your remote worksite
  • Utilizing Phone/Voice Communication
  • Handing hardware problems

This information can be found at or If you have any questions when reviewing this material, please contact the Help Desk at 937-512-HELP.

Sinclair's e-Learn

All Sinclair faculty and staff have been auto-enrolled in the eLearn Hub, which houses eLearn resources and informative trainings, the Boot Camp series, and Course Coordinator resources that are geared towards those who will be using eLearn to design, deliver, or enhance any course using our LMS. Each faculty and staff member also now has their own eLearn Demo Course to familiarize themselves with eLearn. What this means:

  • Given that many staff will also need to familiarize with eLearn to work with students throughout the summer and beyond, we wanted staff to also have easy access to eLearn resources and tools.
  • Staff and faculty no longer have to ask to be enrolled in training or search for it. It is now located in everyone’s courses in eLearn.
  • Demo courses give staff and faculty a free shell to experiment and learn in: you can add content, set up a gradebook, test dropbox features, and more. Demo courses create safe spaces to learn more about eLearn, where nothing you do will “break” anything, and no one else has access to it but you.

How to Access eLearn

  • Log in to using your Sinclair credentials.
  • Click on “view all courses” under My Courses widget on the left side of the homepage.
  • All staff and faculty should now see the “eLearn Hub” course, and a “Demo Course” with their personal name on it. Click, learn and use freely.

Sinclair's Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) fosters and sustains professional development in the pursuit of exemplary practices in teaching and learning. Programs and workshops are open to all employees, though the CTL does focus on providing resources to support teaching and learning strategies and promotes opportunities for faculty to dialogue about teaching techniques, assessments, and peer reviews.

Sinclair-Specific Training

  • DAWN Information PortalThe DAWN Information Portal is a tool that serves as the College’s primary interface to the information in our data warehouse.  DAWN provides users with easy access to a wide variety of standardized and custom reports designed to support operational and strategic decision-making in areas across the campus. Log in using your Sinclair credentials. Click here for step-by-step information about logging into DAWN.


Some e-books allow multiple users and some do not.  If you are unable to check out the book of your choice, please try again at a later date.



  • GCF - Tutorials for Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.
  • Microsoft Office Training - A pop-up window should ask you to select an institution when logging in to Safari Books Online. Select “Not listed?” from the drop-down and then enter your Sinclair email address. Problem? try this link to Safari and search manually on Microsoft Office.
  • Microsoft Teams video training 
  • Learn new skills (or keep your skills current) with 4,700+ business, creative and technology courses with expert-led video tutorials. This is a paid database we don't have at Sinclair, but you can access it through the Dayton Metro Library. If you don't have a public library card, you can register for an eCard without visiting a branch. 

Cyber Security-specific Resources

About Libby

What is Libby? Libby is a free app that keeps track of the e-books and audiobooks you have borrowed from any library.  You can stream books with Wi-Fi or mobile data, or download them for offline use and ready anytime, anywhere.  All you need to get started is your Sinclair Tartan ID number or a library card from any other library.  Get started here.

You would choose the Sinclair Library as your home library use your Sinclair Tartan Card Number to access Libby. If you choose to use a local library, read the following directions.

If you don't have a library card, go to Menu > See Library Cards > Add A Card, then tap I Would Like A Library Card. Sometimes you'll see Use My Phone Number instead — at these libraries, you can sign up for a card instantly. If you're still not sure how to get a card, ask at your nearest public library.

About Zoom

Getting Started with GMetrix

GMetrix is a training and assessment software package that is designed to prepare users for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification exams in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook.

  1. In order to use GMetrix, the computer being used must have MS Office software installed (2013, 2016, 2019/365)
  2. To create an account, go to and click the Sign-up link
  3. In order to use GMetrix, the client software must be installed.
  4. To begin taking GMetrix tests, email Fran McMahon at and request an access code.
  5. This YouTube Playlist has two videos that explain how to do steps 1-4.