Myths and Facts About PSEO

Myth 1

Completing the ACCUPLACER test means I will automatically be accepted into the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program.


No. In order to become eligible for the PSEO program, you must test at the college level in Reading, Writing and Math on the ACCUPLACER test or in your ACT scores. If you place in developmental (DEV) courses in Reading or Writing, you will have to retake the test until you test at college-ready level.

Myth 2

Employees in the Sinclair Community College Testing Center (as well as other departments on campus) will automatically know I am a PSEO student.


No. As a potential PSEO student, you must take your Testing Pass with you to take the ACCUPLACER test; you should also take your PSEO Acceptance Packet with you when you meet with your Academic Advisor. These items identify you as a potential PSEO student.

Myth 3

Receiving an acceptance letter after applying to Sinclair Community College means that I have been accepted into the PSEO program.


Not yet. First, you must complete a specific PSEO application when applying for PSEO. If you are accepted into PSEO, you will receive an Acceptance Packet from the PSEO Coordinator.

Myth 4

PSEO staff will automatically be informed when I've completed the ACCUPLACER test or forwarded my ACT scores to Sinclair.


No. At this point, PSEO staff will have to manually check your score to see whether you have tested or not. To help speed up the process, you must contact the PSEO office and let them know that you have completed testing. It is also best to fax your ACT scores to the PSEO Coordinator for review at 937-512-3432 or call the PSEO office at 937-512-2461.

Myth 5

If I am one (1) point away from testing as college ready, it can be waived.


No! You have to test college ready in Reading and Writing to be eligible for PSEO, even if you don’t test college ready in math.

Myth 6

If I was in PSEO last year, I will be automatically enrolled for the following year.


No. You must complete a PSEO application each year and have it signed by your high school counselor.