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2024 - 2025 Catalog Year
Call Center/Customer Service (Part-time)

Degree: Short-term Technical Certificate
Division: Business and Public Services

This Sample Program Pathway is designed to provide an example of course selections in a term by term sequence. Please see an Academic Advisor for a plan specific to your academic needs.

Fall Semester (First Year)

Description: Students will learn and develop "touch" keyboarding skills, including the ten-key numeric keypad. By the end of the course, students must perform keyboarding speed and accuracy on three-minute timed writings at a minimum of 30 wpm with three or fewer errors. Students will learn to use word processing software to format and produce reports, letters, memos, and other business documents. Traditional testing (proctored or in Testing Center) is used in all online sections.

Description: Use word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation software applications to create reports, spreadsheets, databases and presentations for business and other applications.


Term hours subtotal:


Spring Semester (First Year)
Elective course signified by

Description: Students will learn techniques to properly manage large and multi-sheet spreadsheets, use spreadsheets to arrange and manage data, develop advanced spreadsheet formulas and functions, perform "What-If" analysis using spreadsheet tools and design and create end-user spreadsheet applications.

Notes: Program elective. Choose BIS 1230 or BIS 1260. Required for General Call Center track.

Prerequisites: BIS 1120 or BIS 1221

Description: The American business system and basic principles of the free market system. Includes introduction of business concepts, entrepreneurship, management, marketing, economics, accounting and other important business principles.

Notes: Program elective. Choose MAN 1107 or MAN 2150. Required for General Call Center track.


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Summer Semester (First Year)

Description: Introduction to concepts of customer service. Topics to include: face-to-face and phone-based communication with customers, professionalism and workplace behavior, decision making, problem solving, conflict resolution and negotiation skills, use of emerging technologies, role-play scenarios, case studies and preparation for career advancement.

Description: Exploration of the development, maintenance and termination of interpersonal relationships. The focus is on effective verbal and nonverbal interactions between two people, highlighting methods of initiating and maintaining effective communication with, and understanding of, others through learning and applying interpersonal communication theory.

Prerequisites: DEV 0035 or Other (Any other college level English course)


Term hours subtotal:


This information is for planning purposes only. Sinclair College will make every effort to offer curriculum listed above but reserves the right to change, add and cancel curriculum offerings for unforeseen circumstances. View current catalog.