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2023 - 2024 Catalog Year
Bakery Specialist (Part-time)

Degree: Short-term Technical Certificate
Division: Business and Public Services

Many HMT courses are offered in 8 week terms. Work to balance your schedule when registering for these courses. Students are strongly advised to review the list of required supplies and lab fees:

This Sample Program Pathway is designed to provide an example of course selections in a term by term sequence. Please see an Academic Advisor for a plan specific to your academic needs.

Fall Semester (First Year)


An introduction to applied chemistry of food and food preparation. Lecture and demonstrations will be used to illustrate course principles. One classroom, four lab hours per week.

Prerequisites: DEV 0035

Description: Sanitation and safety involves key concepts such as harmful micro-organisms, contamination and food-borne illnesses, the nine steps within the flow of food from supplier to service, minimum internal cooking temperatures/times for proteins, food safety management systems, sanitary facilities and pest management control. Students must successfully pass a national sanitation exam to pass the course. Students who are culinary or baking majors may not register for kitchen lab courses without a current servsafe certification.

Prerequisites: DEV 0035

Description: Practical application of basic baking techniques, ingredients, weights and measures, terminology and formula calculations. Four lab hours per week. Note: HMT 1107 must be completed prior to registering for this course or may be taken at the same time.

Notes: Student can take concurrently with HMT 1107 per department chair. A-term course.

Prerequisites: DEV 0035 and HMT 1107


This course gives students a practical experience of more advanced and complicated techniques required by the baking and pastry industry. It will also provide students with more advanced techniques in preparing designer pastries, foundations of artisan breads, cake decorating, and assembling two tiered cakes. This course will also cover barista training and gourmet coffee pairings. Four lab hours per week.

Notes: B-term course

Prerequisites: HMT 1102 and HMT 1107 and HMT 1126 and Other (Note: HMT 1102 may be taken concurrently with HMT 1128)


Term hours subtotal:


Spring Semester (First Year)

Description: Students will gain methods and skill of cake fundamentals and production techniques used in commercial baking operations. This course will only focus on the making/baking/production of several varieties of cakes. Four lab hours per week.

Notes: A-term

Prerequisites: HMT 1102 and HMT 1107 and HMT 1126 and HMT 1128

Description: Students will design and use proper equipment/utensils to decorate cakes demonstrating a variety of icing techniques on multi-tiered cakes. Students will also, produce and or Work with a variety of products such as marzipan, glaze, gum paste, butter-cream icing, royal icing, cream-cheese icing, etc. to decorate cakes. Four lab hours per class.

Notes: B-term

Prerequisites: HMT 1107 and HMT 1108 and HMT 1126 and HMT 1128 and HMT 2126

Description: Pastry and confectionary techniques, including laminated doughs, candy making, plate and platter displays, ice creams, and introduction to chocolate and sugar work. One classroom, six lab hours per week.

Prerequisites: HMT 1102 and HMT 1105 and HMT 1107 and HMT 1126 and HMT 1128


Term hours subtotal:


This information is for planning purposes only. Sinclair College will make every effort to offer curriculum listed above but reserves the right to change, add and cancel curriculum offerings for unforeseen circumstances. View current catalog.