Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the cost of online courses?
Tuition for online courses is more per credit hour than traditional courses. For the current fee schedule, please visit Sinclair’s Bursar Web site.

Can anybody sign up for an online class through SinclairOnline?
To register for an online class, you must be a Sinclair student and meet that course’s prerequisites. You must also maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average to take classes online.

When do online courses begin and end?
All of Sinclair’s academic (traditional and online) courses follow the same academic calendar. The official academic calendar can be found on the Registration & Student Records Web site.

Will I have to log in or “attend” my online class at specific times?
The requirements for attendance vary depending on the course. Typically, online courses do not require you to be logged in at any certain time. However, it is important to pay attention to the deadlines that are assigned to homework assignments, quizzes and/or tests. These deadlines can be found on your course syllabus or calendar.

How much time and effort is needed for an online course?
The time and effort needed to be successful in an online course varies on the student. However, as with all courses, online students should expect to spend one to two hours per week for each credit hour. For example: If you are taking a three credit hour course, you can expect to spend three to six hours each week on course material.

Can I sign up for classes in-person and online?
Yes! All Sinclair students can register for any course offering available online or at any of the Sinclair locations. If you are interested in taking classes online and in-person, take a look at all the Sinclair locations to find the one closest to you!

Is there someone who can help me register for the right courses?
All students are encouraged to meet with our academic advisors on a regular basis to ensure they are taking the right courses. To learn more about academic advising, please visit the Academic Advising Web site »

What happens after I register for my online class?
Once you’ve registered, you’ll need to pay for your classes and buy your books. When your tuition has been paid and you have your books, just wait until the first day of the term and log in to view your courses (accessed through the my.sinclair portal).

As a SinclairOnline student, will I ever be required to come to campus?
Most online courses use alternative assessment methods that do not require you to visit a Sinclair location. However, there are a few online courses that require traditional testing. In these cases, local students (within 60 miles of the Dayton location) will need to visit Sinclair and non-local students (beyond the 60 mile radius) will need to find a proctor (exam supervisor) to oversee exam completion.

What campus resources are available to me as an online student?Whether you take classes in the classroom, online or both, as a Sinclair Community College student you are able to take full advantage of all the facilities, services, and support offered. You will just want to make sure to get your Tartan card to make the most of your on-campus experience. To learn more about getting your student ID, please visit the Tartan Card Web site (