Sinclair Board Approves New Budget

Dayton, OH- At its meeting today, the Sinclair Community College Board of Trustees approved an operating budget that both meets the growing educational needs of the community while constraining expenses. Sinclair continues to maintain Ohio's absolute lowest tuition rate by far.

Recognizing the college's 15 percent enrollment growth for the year, as well as significant state budget challenges, the Sinclair Board adopted a restrained budget that results in a net increase in full-time personnel costs of only 0.4 percent. Assisting in this cost restraint is the base salary freeze requested by the senior administrative staff.

Additionally, the board approved $2.2 million in special scholarship and student support from the coming year to further ease student economic issues and initiated a new forward-looking rainy day fund for use in what could be prolonged state economic strife.

We know that more and more citizens are turning to us for help as they retool in this transitional economy," stated Sinclair board chair, Kathy Hollingsworth, "and we know that our employees are being asked to do much more to serve this increasing number of students with fewer resources. In recognition of their diligence and commitment, we've awarded our employees a 1 percent across-the-board salary increase, which is far less than we'd like to be able to give our hard-working employees."

The Board discussed the pending State of Ohio budget and the prospect for highly uncertain funding during the upcoming two-year biennium and beyond. Understanding that the anticipated new state budget as proposed will be substantially constructed with the use of one-time federal money, and that tuition could be frozen or capped for at least another two years, the adopted budget sets aside a portion of funds to a rainy-day contingency fund.

"We are able to hold our expenses through a combination of austerity and cost savings and avoidances," explained President Steven Lee Johnson. "Even with the higher education commitment by the Governor and Chancellor, given the turmoil in the state economy, we are not anticipating much in the way of state funding increases. We will continue to watch our expenses and hope that the legislature's budget deliberations recognize the importance of higher education to the transformation of the state's economy."

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