DREAM Big for College with Achieving the Dream and CompletionMatters.org
DREAM Big for College Video Contest

Are you a student who dreams of graduating from college? It's time to achieve that dream!

Achieving the Dream, a national non-profit group that helps low-income students earn college degrees, and ISKME's CompletionMatters.org, an online provider of education tools and resources toward students' college completion, have joined to sponsor the DREAM Big for College video contest.

The rules are simple. Just create and submit a three-minute video presentation that answers this question: What keeps your dream of graduating college alive? Entries will be judged at the Achieving the Dream 2012 Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas from February 28 to March 2, and winners will receive prizes, including iPads, school supplies, Amazon.com gift cards and scholarships.

The contest serves as a vehicle for voicing the values and concerns of community college students across the nation. Lauren Lewis, Assistant Director of Communications at Achieving the Dream, says, "Almost half of all undergraduate students in our country go to community college, and the nation needs to hear what they have to say about what is working on their campuses and keeping them on track for graduation. This competition is giving these students a voice, and the Achieving the Dream Network will make sure the most creative and compelling videos will be distributed widely to motivate and guide others through the college experience."

Visit the DREAM Big for College Facebook page to view full contest eligibility details and instructions on submitting your video. The deadline for entry submission is midnight PST, Monday, February 20, 2012. The first 15 students to enter qualifying videos will receive a $75 Amazon.com gift card for their participation.

Create your DREAM Big video and enter today!