Sinclair Now Authorized as WorkKeys Solutions Provider

Dayton, Ohio -- Sinclair Community College’s Workforce Development (WFD) group has just been named an authorized WorkKeys Solutions Provider. WorkKeys, a product of ACT, offers foundational skills assessments to measure different applied job skills in the areas of communication, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills. The assessments measure cognitive abilities such as applied mathematics, reading for information, and locating information.

Sinclair’s Learning Center at Miami Valley Research Park in Kettering will be the primary site for the WorkKeys skills assessments. Individuals may schedule assessment testing and employers may refer current or potential employees to the center for skills assessment. All assessments are delivered on a web-based platform, to provide secure, 24/7 access. Sinclair will also be able to contract with local employers to meet their needs for employee hiring and selective assessments.

“Knowing which career seekers are ready for assessments and which ones require further training is essential. We will be able to utilize the WorkKeys Readiness Indicator to help individuals and employers streamline their qualification process to ensure a higher return on their employment assessment investment,” said Michael Freed, WFD Senior Project Manager.

As a Workeys Solutions Provider, Sinclair will also participate in the ACT National Career Readiness Initiative. Launched in 2006, the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) gives job seekers, those who prepare them, and employers a way to connect and communicate. The NCRC is a nationally recognized measure of career readiness that documents an individual’s qualifications in terms of essential skills associated with success in the workplace.

ACT is an internationally known assessment and research company, best known for the ACT college entrance exam. The NCRC verifies to employers anywhere in the U.S. that an individual possesses essential employability skills in reading, math, and locating information. The certificate is an easily understood and nationally valued credential that documents the attainment of these critical workplace skills.

To learn more about Sinclair’s WFD WorkKeys program, call (937) 512-5012.

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