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New Scholarship for Military Students

Beginning with Spring Semester 2017, Sinclair will offer a new scholarship to assist military students called the Current Military Access Scholarship (CMAS).  To be eligible, students must be using either:

  • Military Tuition Assistance (for Active Duty Service members and Reservists) or
  • National Guard Scholarship (for Ohio National Guard members)

CMAS will cover specific fees up to a maximum of $250 per semester.  Covered fees include:

  • Auxiliary Services Fee:  $50
  • Registration Fee:  $20 (if applicable)
  • Online Course Fee:  $7.50 per credit hour (if applicable)
  • Lab/Course fees (if applicable)

Students will not have to apply for this scholarship.  Individuals using military tuition programs will be identified in the system and awarded scholarship funds to cover the appropriate fees.

Please encourage students with questions about this scholarship to contact eLearning Student Support, Veteran Services, or the WPAFB Outreach Office.

eLearning Student Support

Veteran Services

WPAFB Outreach Office

Sinclair Main Campus

Sinclair Main Campus

2130 Fifth Street

Building 7, Room 7201

Building 11, Room 342

WPAFB, OH  45433

(937) 512-2990

(937) 512-2586

(937) 781-9800

Please Note:  Students using VA Education and Training Benefits are not eligible for CMAS as these fees are already covered.