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Sinclair College

Culinary Arts Bakery Open Wednesday Evenings!

Students and staff on the Dayton campus Wednesday evenings in April are in for a treat! The students of our Culinary Arts program are offering bakery items for sale at the Tartan Terrace, Building 13, 4th floor! 

DATES:  Wednesdays -- April 12 and April 19

TIME:  6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Tartan Terrace Bakery Menu

Choose (1) item from EACH category for $10.00

Choose (1) of the following for $6.00

1 cheesecake

1 pie

1 cake

PLUS (pick one):

1 loaf of bread

12 dinner rolls

6 donuts

6 cookies

4 muffins

4 pastries

1 cheesecake

1 pie

1 cake

1 coffee cake

12 dinner rolls

12 cookies

6 brownies

6 muffins

6 pastries

6 donuts

Items will vary each week and selection is not guaranteed. Walk-ins only. No pre-orders. No modifications or substitutions. First come, first served. Mastercard/Visa only.  For more information, contact