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Sinclair College

16 Student-Athletes Earn NJCAA All-Academic Honors

Sinclair Community College and the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) announce the individual Academic honors for 2017-18.

Sinclair had a total of 75 student-athletes this year competing on five different teams, 27 student-athletes earned OCCAC All-Academic honors for the fall semester and that number even increased with 28 student-athletes earning spring semester academic all-conference honors from the OCCAC (3.3 GPA).  

Completing the year, Sinclair is pleased to announce a record 16 student-athletes received recognition at the national level (NJCAA) for high academic achievements.

The 16 Sinclair student/athletes earning NJCAA All-Academic honors:

NJCAA All-Academic 3rd Team:

Baseball                                              Michael McDonough (Crestview H.S.)

Baseball                                              Caleb Peterson            (Urbana H.S.)

Baseball                                              Tyler Zaluski              (Chagrin Falls H.S.)

Men’s Basketball                               Alec Holtrey               (Springboro H.S.)

Softball                                               Elizabeth Leach          (Centerville H.S.)

Softball                                               MacKenzie Irons        (Ryle H.S.-KY)

Softball                                               McKenzie Sharritts    (Arcanum H.S.)

Softball                                               Brianna West              (Fairmont H.S.)

Volleyball                                           Carly Barhorst            (Minster H.S.)

Volleyball                                           Kaitlin Dunn               (Fairborn H.S.)

NJCAA All-Academic 2nd Team:

Baseball                                              Chaney Morgan          (Fairmont H.S.)

Softball                                               Cierra Chastain           (Beavercreek H.S.)

NJCAA All-Academic 1st Team:

Baseball                                              Casey Demko             (Bellbrook H.S.)

Baseball                                              Alex Jacobs                (Indian Lake H.S.)

Baseball                                              Josh Wilson                (Cedarville H.S.)

Softball                                               Taylor White              (Centerville H.S.)

Below is a listing of the three NJCAA Academic Student/Athlete Awards with the qualifying grade-point average for each honor:

NJCAA All-Academic 1st Team:                             4.00 GPA
NJCAA All-Academic 2nd Team:                            3.80-3.99 GPA
NJCAA All-Academic 3rd Team:                            3.60-3.79 GPA

The University of Dayton Commit, Josh Wilson (Baseball) also joined an elite group of student-athletes as this is his second NJCAA All-Academic award adding to the prestige of his Sinclair achievements.

Sinclair continues to be great in the 3 C’s as the Pride won over 70% of all games played, volunteered over 1,400 student-athlete hours to community service and most impressively out of our 75 student-athletes; 36% in the fall and 37% in the spring earned academic all-conference honors chased by 21% being named to the NJCAA All-Academic teams.