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Proctored Placement Test

Placement Test for Students who live 60 miles or more from the Dayton Campus

The Sinclair placement test has two parts, the ACCUPLACER© writing test and the ALEKS© math test.  If this is your first time attending college, you may need to complete both parts.

  1. If you have college-level credit from Sinclair or another school, including Advanced Placement, contact an Academic Coach to find out if you need to take a placement test.  Contact a Coach by calling 937-512-2990 or emailing
  2. Consider how and where you will take the placement test(s) you need.  See more information under ACCUPLACER© and ALEKS© tests below.
  3. If you are not testing at a Sinclair location, then complete the Proctor Agreement Form.
  4. After you submit the Proctor Agreement Form, check your email for an email from the Sinclair Testing Coordinator.
  5. The Testing Coordinator will tell you if your proctor was approved and will give you the next steps in taking your proctored placement test.  

The tests may be completed at any Sinclair location.  However, if you live far from campus, you have the following options for testing.

ACCUPLACER© Writing Test

Your ACCUPLACER© writing test must be taken either with the online proctoring service Examity© or with a ACCUPLACER© certified testing center.  You can search for certified testing centers in your area by using the ACCUPLACER© Test Center Locator on the ACCUPLACER© website.  The cost for using Examity© for your ACCUPLACER© writing test is $25.  If you choose to take this test with a certified testing center, the cost may vary.

ALEKS© Math Test

Your ALEKS© math test may be taken with the online proctoring service ProctorU© or with a proctor in your area.  Your proctor for ALEKS© does not have to be with a certified testing center, but will require approval by Sinclair.  Follow the instructions for How to Find A Proctor.  If you choose to take your ALEKS© math test with ProctorU©, the cost will be $19.  If you would rather find your own proctor for ALEKS©, be sure to ask the proctor if they charge a fee. 

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