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How to Find a Proctor

Students who live 60 miles or more from Sinclair’s Dayton campus and would like to use a proctor are responsible for locating a qualified proctor, scheduling appointments for tests,  reimbursing the proctor for mailing expenses, and taking tests in the time allotted. If the proctor charges any fee for testing, students are responsible for that fee. Here are the steps for finding a proctor.

  1. Find someone to be your proctor who meets the qualifications below.  
  2. Complete the Proctor Agreement Form.
  3. The SinclairOnline Testing Coordinator will contact you through your my.sinclair email account to let you know if your requested proctor is approved.* 

Proctor Qualifications

The proctor must meet the following qualifications:

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  • The proctor must either hold one of the following positions or work at one of the following types of institutions:
    • Full-time school or public librarian
    • University or college testing center administrator/coordinator
    • Commercial testing center
    • Tutoring or learning center
    • School superintendent, principal or guidance counselor (for current high school students only)
    • Education director at a hospital
    • Human resources training director
    • Military base educational services officer
    • Military base college
    • Military commissioned officer of higher rank (than the student)
    • Embassy educational center/officer
  • The proctor cannot be any of the following:
    • A current Sinclair Community College student
    • An elementary, middle or high school teacher
    • A relative of the student
    • A personal friend of the student
    • Live at the same address as the student
    • A neighbor of the student
    • A direct supervisor of the student
    • Employed by the student
    • Coworker of the student
  • The proctor’s position/relationship with the student may not present any conflicts of interest.
  • The proctor must provide a professional email account, phone number and physical work address to verify their position.
  • The proctor agrees that they will not administer the test(s) in their home or in the student’s home.
  • The proctor agrees to maintain the integrity of the test(s).
  • The proctor agrees to personally send the completed test(s) to Sinclair by the due dates.  

Proctoring Procedures

  1. Once you find a proctor who has been approved by the Testing Coordinator, you are ready to start proctored testing.*  
  2. The test(s) will be sent from Sinclair directly to your approved proctor.
  3. You will provide your valid, government-issued photo ID to the proctor and also give a copy of this ID to the proctor on the day of the test, before you begin testing.
  4. The proctor will administer the test(s) in a quiet and secure environment.
  5. The proctor will maintain the integrity of the test(s).  This includes:
    • Staying with you at all times during testing;
    • Ensuring the testing instructions are followed;
    • Allowing you to access to the test(s) only while you are actually taking the test(s);
    • Not allowing printing or copying of the test(s) or answers;
    • Personally sending the original test(s) and your answers to Sinclair along with the copy of your ID, by the due date. 
  6. You are responsible for paying any fees the proctor may charge and for reimbursing the proctor for all mailing expenses.

NOTE:  A new Proctor Agreement Form must be submitted if a previously approved proctor has not been utilized within the last two years. 

*All proctors are subject to approval by the SinclairOnline Testing Coordinator.  All decisions are final.