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Help FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Sinclair has created this frequently asked questions (FAQs) knowledge base to help answer common questions anytime 24/7. Just type in your question below and we will search for the answer. You can also browser answers by topic or category.

Am I eligible for a Internship?

Students must be enrolled as a full-time or part-time student in a Sinclair degree program, have a 2.0 GPA or above, and meet all departmental prerequisites.

Will I get paid for my internship?

Positions can be paid or unpaid, depending on the company, and do not include benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, etc. The important thing to remember is that you will be gaining valuable experience, increasing your likelihood of finding a job and making yourself more marketable to employers.

How long will the internship last? How many hours will I work? Will they accommodate my school schedule?

Internships typically last for the semester, but can be extended in some cases depending on employer's need and budget, and of course, job performance. They require approximately 15-20 hours of work per week, and most employers are accommodating to work around your course schedule.

Are Internships required?

Check with your Academic Advisor, as it will vary from program to program. In many cases, the internship course can be taken as an elective, which is a great option. Having an internship on your transcript in place of another elective is very impressive. It will also help build your resume and network.

Can I use my current employer for an Internship?

Yes, if it is within your career field, and if your supervisor agrees to provide you with new learning opportunities. You cannot receive credit for performing the same duties you have in the past.

Do I have to register for the class?

Yes, in order to receive credit for your internship you have to register and pay for the course. The Office of Work-based Learning will help with the registration process.

Will I receive a grade for a Internship?

Yes, you will earn a letter grade based on a structured series of academic assignments, including a work/learning contract, a final report and project, as well as evaluations by both your supervisor and faculty instructor assigned from the department. You will not receive academic credit simply for working.

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