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Help FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Sinclair has created this frequently asked questions (FAQs) knowledge base to help answer common questions anytime 24/7. Just type in your question below and we will search for the answer. You can also browser answers by topic or category.

Who can use the Sinclair Conference Center facilities?

Anyone can reserve the Sinclair Conference Center for events. To reserve your next event at the Sinclair Conference Center, contact us today at 937-512-3061 or

More information on what technology, food service, event planning help, and flexible spaces.

Are there services available to help with job searching?

Sinclair's Student & Community Engagement office has many great resources for career development including:

  • Developing a resume
  • Creating a cover letter
  • Making a reference list
  • Completing a job application
  • Job searching help
  • Preparing for interviews

Even more resources are available on Sinclair's Career Connection website about finding your job and getting hired.

As an employer how can I post jobs for hire?

The Student & Community Engagement office offers services to employers wishing to recruit, hire or make jobs available to Sinclair grads, prospective grads or the general population. Our goal is connect employers to qualified candidates. Recruitment opportunities include:


  1. Career Fairs
  2. JobLink - Online job posting board
  3. Resume Referrals
  4. On Campus Interviews
  5. Table Recruiting on Campus - Career Opportunity Corner
More information for employers


What job opportunities are there to be a Sinclair employee?

Information on job opportunities at Sinclair for staff and faculty positions are available at

How can I get very low cost Dental Services at Sinclair?

The Dental Health Sciences department at Sinclair offers very low cost dental services in the Sinclair College's Midmark Dental Health Clinic.

You can view available services, cost, location and contact information for making an appointment for services here.

How can I support Sinclair students?

You can support Sinclair students in many ways through the Sinclair Foundation. Opportunities include sponsorships, scholarships, endowments, programs, fundraising events, Athletics, planned giving, and non-monetary gifts.

You can also be apart of the Sinclair community using Sinclair social media channels to give your support, cheer on the Tartans, and even offer advise or answer current student questions.

Who may use the PAC?
  1. Any current student enrolled in a PED activity class. Check in the Equipment Room, Building 8, Room 017 for details.
  2. Any currently enrolled student not taking a PED activity class but who has paid a $5.00 activity fee in the Equipment Room.
  3. Any current Faculty or Staff (full or part time) who has paid a $10.00 activity fee in the Equipment Room.
What is Auditing a Course?

A student who audits a course will not receive a grade or credit. He or she is permitted to attend classes but will not be required to take exams. The fee for auditing is the same as that for enrolling for credit. Students may not change from audit status to credit status or from credit status to audit status once registered for the course. Registration and/or adds for audit status will be accepted only during the designated late registration periods. Audit status must be indicated on the registration form or drop/add form. A veteran may not used educational benefits to audit a course. In addition, financial aid may not be used to pay for courses that are audited.

How can I find credit classes available to audit?

You can go online to the Online Course Schedule Planner and then “Open Schedule Planner”.  Once you have the planner opened, in the search box in the middle of the page, type a few keywords (i.e., ART, HIS, PED) concerning the class you wish to take.  Make sure that the term (summer, fall, spring) you need is selected by using the drop down menu, and then hit “Enter” or click on the grey magnifying glass within the search box. If at any time you feel you need assistance, please call the College for Lifelong Learning office.

How can I register for Seminars & Workshops?

To register for Seminars & Workshops, you can: 
•    Mail your completed application, which appears in the College for Lifelong Learning catalog, to the address listed. 
•    Take your application and payment to Sinclair College for Lifelong Learning, Building 10, Room 424A, Downtown Dayton Campus.  You can also take your application to your nearby Regional Center in Englewood, Huber Heights, Centerville, and Mason.
•    Call 937-512-2372 to register by phone.

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