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Sinclair College

Giving Season

Image with students and the Sinclair logo that says Make a Difference This Giving Season—Progress is Personal

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Your generous support can affect every aspect of the student experience, providing the resources our students need to complete their degrees and realize their dreams. Sinclair students become nurses, police officers, EMTs, automotive technicians and so much more. Your donation goes beyond the student and touches the lives of everyone they help in their chosen career. Make a gift to any of the funds featured below and help make a lasting impact.


Thank You!

On November 30, 2021, Sinclair friends will participate in #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving. We are so thankful to all who have generously participated in past years and hope you will consider making a gift this year.

We recognize that the giving season extends beyond GivingTuesday and one day of generosity. Please remember the Sinclair Foundation during this season of giving. Every gift matters because every student matters. 

Your gift of... can provide...
$30 Scrubs for a Health Sciences student
$100 Advanced pastry set
$175 RTA semester pass
$200 Samsung tablet
$550 Dell laptop computer from the Sinclair Bookstore
$1,392 Tuition and fees for one full-time, in-county student for one semester


Incipio Fund (a.k.a. Git-R-Done Fund)

The Incipio Fund was established to help Sinclair students who have nearly completed their degree or certificate with a non-tuition expense that is preventing them from finishing. These students have done the majority of the work to complete their schooling but need the financial assistance to propel them across the finish line.

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The Cleverly Family Fund (Tools and Equipment)

Not only do skilled trade students have to pay tuition fees, but they also must purchase many tools, supplies, and equipment out of pocket. The Cleverly Family Fund was established to assist these students with purchasing the necessary tools and equipment to gain proficiency in their trade and get the necessary hands-on experience needed to secure a job after graduation.

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Food Insecurity and Student Stability Fund

Sometimes students are faced with an acute challenge in their home life that has the potential to derail their progress toward completing their studies. The Food Insecurity and Student Stability Fund was established to provide students with the resources they need to directly meet the challenge of food insecurity and other emergency needs. 

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Dr. Charles C. Williams, Jr. and Sonya Kirkwood-Williams Emergency Fund

The Dr. Charles C. Williams, Jr. And Sonya Kirkwood-Williams Emergency Fund was established to help cover unexpected expenses of a one-time student emergency. In times of desperate need, this fund assists students who are facing challenges in situations such as housing, groceries, utilities, technology equipment, or child-care.

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