The CIL introduces new educational technologies to the Sinclair academic community through hands on interactive experiences.

In addition to the many features of this state-of-the-art facility, the CIL offers many labs that provide students and faculty the environment to adopt interactive learning methods.

Alpha Lab

"Pat", the human patient simulator, lives in the CIL Building's Alpha lab! Created by Medical Education Technologies, Inc. (METI), Pat is a full-scale, fully interactive, lifelike human simulator with a variety of clinical features that include palpable pulses, heart and breath sounds, hemodynamic measurements, and a voice.

The Alpha lab has been designed to simulate a real hospital environment. Students are taken through a variety of clinical scenarios that may be encountered in the hospital setting. The students are able to perform, discuss strategies, and see the outcome of their decisions in a controlled environment. The outcome is a student who has better critical thinking and decision making skills.

Delta Lab

In the Delta Lab, also known as the Center for Learning Excellence, technical equipment and software is available for skills enhancement and learning-centered projects, including class enhancements, web pages, and presentations.

In addition to these facilities, the Center for Learning Excellence/Delta Lab is home to the Instructional Development Support team, providing faculty workshops and seminars, equipment loans, and Professional Development Center resources to the Sinclair community.

Cisco Lab

In the Cisco Lab, Sinclair offers training towards Network Engineering and CCNA through a four class sequence (CIS 241-244) through the Cisco Networking Academy. Advanced certification CCNP is available through a 2nd four class sequence (CIS-297, soon CIS 245-248) of Sinclair's own non-academy classes, using Cisco Press books as text.

Classes offered in the Cisco lab serve as a basis for the Network Engineering concentration of Sinclair's Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems.

Communications Lab

The Communications Lab, located in 14-312 West, has been designed specifically for use in public speaking instruction. The room features 16 student stations organized into four pods. Each student station includes a laptop computer with Internet capability and access to a shared laser printer. The instructor station includes a desktop computer, Elmo projector, and VCR player. Music and other audio are played through four Bose speakers located above the student stations. Images are projected on a large screen located to the left of the speaker stations.

This room includes a flexible arrangement ideal for public speaking. Students are able to move their chairs to the middle of the room for presentations and back to the computer workstations for research and preparation. A VHS camcorder is located in the rear of the classroom to make video recording of student presentations quick and easy.

Students enrolled in Effective Speaking (COM-211) utilizing the Communications Lab learn the art and science of public speaking including issues related to speech organization, content development, delivery, and the effective use of electronic presentation tools such as PowerPoint and video. Students have access to the World Wide Web and a host of Sinclair databases, search tools, and resources from laptop computers located at each workstation. Computer and information literacy skills are central to the preparation of informative and persuasive speeches.

This room is utilized for more than 20 sections of the Effective Speaking course (COM-211) taught each quarter at Sinclair. Classes are offered throughout the morning, afternoon and evenings Monday through Friday. Weekend classes are also regularly offered.

Paralegal Lab

The Paralegal Program uses space in the Center for Interactive Learning to create a “fictitious law firm” environment. The paralegal students work in teams, study legal concepts and use legal software, including timekeeping and calendaring applications. Students are prepared to enter the work force with excellent computer and critical thinking skills, as well as an excellent legal background.

MSCE Lab (Microsoft Certified Engineer)

The MCSE lab is located in 14-312E. The room is equipped with the most recent hardware standard desktop computers and flat screen monitors. The instructor's computer is connected to a media center that includes overhead projection of the monitor display, a VCR, and an Elmo visual presenter. All computers are networked with a high speed fiber connection and the room is segmented by a router to be a seperate network from Sinclair's network.

Open Computer Lab

Available to anyone on campus, the Open Computer Lab is located on the first floor of the CIL. This lab is equipped with networked workstations with Internet access.