Helping Students Help Others

Heather Maddux came to Sinclair Community College right out of high school. “Sinclair is inexpensive and I heard they had a great theatre program” says Heather. After getting her associate’s degree in theatre arts, Heather was diagnosed with diabetes. “With my diagnosis, I decided to change my major and my future job to help other people with diabetes and diet needs.” Heather then changed her major to Dietetic Technology to work toward her future goals.

Due to Heather’s condition, she is only able to work up to 20 hours a week. “Most Sinclair students work full time, or two jobs. My health won’t allow me to work that much. So affording school is more of a challenge for me.” Heather received the Dr. Herman G. Brant Allied Health Scholarship which is enabling her to graduate this June.

“Without this scholarship, I would not be able to graduate. Sinclair faculty has worked with me and made my schooling possible. Every little bit helps.” By receiving this scholarship, Heather said it released a lot of stress for her financially and enabled her to focus more on school and to continue. “I need to remain a full time student to receive health insurance, and Sinclair has helped me continue with my schooling.”

In the future, Heather is working to graduate Sinclair with an associate’s degree and transfer to a four year college to finish her bachelor’s degree in Dietetic Technology. Her primary goal is to become a registered dietitian and work as a diabetes educator. Maddux states that “Sinclair has helped me work towards my future.” Heather showed kindness and dedication by turning the tragedy of her diagnoses into one of her ambitions. She is now working to help all people with diabetes and that is something of which Sinclair is proud.