Making an Impact

Aaron SkapikAaron Skapik served on active duty in the U.S. Air Force for a little more than eight years. Following his three tours, he joined the Air Force ROTC and continued his work as a security forces specialist. He is currently attending Sinclair Community College and Wright State University full time with the hopes of receiving his associates of fine arts from Sinclair and a bachelor’s degree from Wright State. Aaron plans to earn his commission in the Air Force as an officer and later become a public affairs or protocol officer. His overall goal is to retire with the Air Force and earn his Ph.D.

With his busy schedule, Aaron does set some time aside to do things he cares about like cooking, art, photography, cycling and traveling. He and his fiancé are also planning their wedding for early next year in Kansas. 

Aaron received the Dr. David & Doris Ponitz Scholarship and the WROU Radio Scholarship for his summer quarter 2010 classes. 

“The scholarships have helped me immensely. Although the classes at Sinclair are affordable, the fees for books and supplies really add up. These scholarships have taken the financial burden off my shoulders. Without them, I may not have been able to start let alone complete some of my classes”. Thanks to the scholarship money, he has purchased art supplies, books and other materials he needed to successfully complete his course.
“The faculty (at Sinclair) is outstanding and they have gone above and beyond to help me reach my educations goals thus far. I have taken something away from each and every class I have attended and look forward to attending class to learn from true professionals,” said Aaron.
He added that the art department at Sinclair has made a great impact on him.”The art professors continue to push me towards excellence while changing my perspective on life each and every day.”
“I would like to thank David & Doris Ponitz and WROU for impacting my life in such a positive way! Without their help I can’t imagine how stressful the summer quarter at Sinclair could have been. I would also like to thank the staff, faculty and students who support me on my journey. Thank you!”