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ESL 0190 ESL Advanced

This advanced integrated skills course will provide opportunities for listening, speaking, reading and writing. The goal is to build student confidence in using English skills for academic purposes.

Division: Liberal Arts, Communication and Social Sciences
Department: English
Repeatable Credit: No
Offered Online: Yes

Prereqs: ESL 0170 


  • Write a descriptive and/or narrative paragraph with a topic sentence, supporting details, and a conclusion (7-10 sentences).
  • Demonstrate understanding of face-to-face speech by interacting in formal and informal settings.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of course material through the utilization of correct grammar.
  • Speak English in informal and formal conversations and presentations.
  • Comprehend and interpret speech from a variety of sources and identify main ideas and key words.
  • Identify main ideas in articles and demonstrate comprehension of material.

Credit Hours: 4

Classroom Hours: 4