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Sinclair College

DIT 2505 Food Science & Production/Lab I

This course is an introduction to the science of food in relation to chemical composition, nutritional value, processing methods, quality, safety, and standards of identity using an ecological approach, experimentation, and research. Students will demonstrate cooking methods and procedures, use basic and advanced knife skills, maintain nutritional quality of food and present proper plate composition for aesthetic value. One classroom, two lab hours per week.

Division: Health Sciences
Department: Nutrition and Dietetics
Repeatable Credit: No
Offered Online: No

Prereqs: HMT 1101 and HMT 1107 


  • Apply experimental research procedures to test, compare and evaluate food products in relation to expected characteristics of the product.
  • Apply basic skills in the preparation of foods while considering optimization of nutrient value and retention, sensory qualities, and microbiological safety.
  • Describe the physical and chemical interaction of food components during processing and preparation which influence the sensory and nutritional qualities of foods.
  • Identify product development trends and technologies in the food industry.

Credit Hours: 3 to 0

Classroom Hours: 1
Lab Hours: 2