Sinclair Men's Basketball Gets Registered to Vote
Sinclair Men's Basketball

The Sinclair Men’s Basketball team took time away from the busy preseason workouts to get registered to vote. Beverly King of the Montgomery County Board of Elections gave a presentation to the members of the Men’s Basketball team on voter rights and responsibilities.

Not only did Ms. King talk about the importance of this Presidential election cycle, she also spoke about how the Board of Elections works in relation to all aspects of the election process. Nine members of the Men’s Basketball team filled out voter registrations, and Ms. King was even able to assist two players from Indiana with their paperwork for registration in Indiana.

Voter Registration was just one of many educational components of the Men’s Basketball Player Enhancement Program (PEP). The program was developed as part of a long range goal to assist our young men and help them grow both on and off the court through guest lectures and off-site visits. Some of the program highlights have included tours of the White House, Arlington Cemetery, Supreme Court, US Capitol, Liberty Bell, Independence Hall (Philly) and speakers from the Secret Service, Sinclair Professors, local business professionals and former and current NBA and NFL players.

Voting is a privilege for citizens of the United States. Information that will be helpful to you about voting in the state of Ohio can be found at the Montogmery County Board of Elections website.