Sinclair Leads Ohio STEM Education for Second Consecutive Year

Sinclair Community College continues to serve as a regional and national leader in advancing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education. This year’s 2012 Community College Week, Sinclair has been ranked one of the top two-year colleges, coming in second place with most awards in Ohio.

Showing an increase from last year’s rankings, Sinclair’s engineering technologies and engineering-related fields have been ranked 8th largest in the nation in two-year associate degree-producing schools. Computer and information sciences and support services degrees are ranked fourth among the nation’s two-year colleges, as well as being ranked first in Ohio. Sinclair’s allied health programs were ranked third in Ohio and 12th among two-year colleges nationally. The Community College Week rankings ranked institutions according to the number of degrees produced for the 2010-2011 academic years.

Among the rankings giving to STEM-related fields, Sinclair had an increase in ranking in Communication, Journalism and Related Programs, being ranked first in Ohio.

"These awards show the community how successful Sinclair is in the programs we offer," said Steve Johnson, President of Sinclair Community College. "Sinclair will work constantly to improve learning opportunities for the success of all of our students. The work our students do here will stay with them the rest of their lives. We had a great school year, and we look forward to seeing what is next in both the STEM program as well as next year’s Community College Week rankings."

Sinclair awarded 1,738 associate degrees, as well as 1,779 one-year certificates for the time period, which ranked Sinclair first in Ohio and 19th in the nation in numbers of completers.

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