Sinclair Joins with GetUp Montgomery County

Did you know that at least 24% of Dayton’s children (and 1 out of every 3 in the state of Ohio) are overweight or obese?

Sinclair Community College is proud to join with Montgomery County’s initiative “GetUp Montgomery County.” GetUp Montgomery County is a community-wide, healthy lifestyles initiative for kids and families. It is about driving a culture change in today’s families where community partners make it easier for kids and families to live a healthy lifestyle.

We are committed to the vision: Healthier Community, Healthiest Children. We will work to provide an environment which encourages healthier living and removes barriers children and families face when attempting to make smart nutrition and physical activity choices. Long –term, we want to see healthier children with less health risk factors, such as overweight, obesity and diabetes.

Using the 5-2-1 Almost None lifestyle ‘prescription,’ we will educate, communicate with and inspire children and families to make healthier lifestyle choices. The 5-2-1 Almost None prescription encourages increased daily active play and improved daily nutrition, while reducing negative calories consumed.

As a prescription for healthy living, children should get:
5- Fruits and vegetable servings a day
2- Less than 2 hours of leisure screen time (video games, TV)
1- Hour of active play every day (even if 15 minutes at a time)
Almost None- Almost no sugary beverages

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