UD Yo-Yo Pro Featured at Sinclair’s Engineers Day: High School Juniors Explore Tech Careers

DAYTON, OH (02/21/11) – Over 300 high school juniors are expected to visit Sinclair Community College for Engineers Day on Friday, Feb. 25, 2011. Featured speakers are Charlie Weikert, University of Dayton sophomore who is making a spl ash in the yo-yo business, and Tom Singer, Sinclair professor who rocks engineering with his guitar production class.

Weikert, a sophomore engineering major from Columbus, Ind., is working with companies that are interested in his high tech yo-yo design. That process has made him passionate about engineering and entrepreneurship.

"We should not wait until the workplace to integrate the two. Engineers are often taught how to approach design and manufacturing problems, but I think we need to learn how to identify marketing problems and solve them with business considerations," Weikert said.

Singer, professor of mechanical engineering technology at Sinclair Community College, worked with professors at Purdue University and two other community colleges to develop a guitar building project to teach students about math, science, and engineering. Funding from the National Science Foundation allows Singer to teach the class to high school teachers, building student interest in engineering.

Students from area high schools will also learn about careers in engineering, aviation, automotive, biotechnology, precision machinin g, and manufacturing.

Engineers Day activities will be held in Sinclair Building 13, corner of Perry and Fifth Streets, from 9:00 a.m. to noon. For more information, contact Gilah Pomeranz, Project Manager at Sinclair Community College, at 937-512-2365.

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