Hospitality Reception and Service Specialist (HRSS.S.STC)

2.0 Credit Hours

The Hospitality Reception and Service Specialist Short-Term Technical Certificate prepares individuals to work in the luxury service environment, while mastering the importance of soft-skills and strategies to resolve some of the most difficult challenges involving high end hospitality clientele.

Upon completing this credential, students will have gained the knowledge for entry level employment as a guest relations associate within an upscale hotel, maƮtre d for a fine dining establishment, receptionist at an established travel firm, or sales associate for a convention bureau. Ultimately, this is the first step toward completing a Degree in Hospitality Management.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate decision making and customer satisfaction by fulfilling customer special requests.
  • Demonstrate decision making by solving customer complaints.
  • Demonstrate how to greet and personally welcome guests.


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