Fine Art Student Exhibition



2015 Student Exhibition Award Winners


Best of Show: A Moon Light Night - Samantha Davis




1st Place Painting: Urban - K.R. McNeeley




1st Place Drawing: untitled - Savonne Hagans




1st Place Printmaking: What You Know - Claire Moreland




1st Place Photography: Brenner - Blake Falter




1st Place Sculpture: Gus the Tortoise - Christine Calderon




1st Place Ceramics: Sugar & Creamer Set - Carolyn Sorrell




1st Place Collage: The Writer - Latif Hammett





2014 Student Exhibition Award Winners


Best of Show: untitled - Hannah Williams



1st Place Painting: Winter - Irene Ward



1st Place Drawing: This Should Be Illegal - Stephen Glasener



1st Place Printmaking: Shadows - Hannah Williams



1st Place Photography: Third Wheel - Shelby Warner



1st Place Sculpture: Oceanic Mask - Benjamin J. Peter



1st Place Ceramics: Transformative Teapot - Katherine Modras Anible



1st Place Collage: Innocence - Irene Ward




2013 Student Exhibition Award Winners

Best of Show:        Support and Defend   -  Lisa Foster


1st Place Painting:       Trestle  -  Gracie Fogg


1st Place Drawing:    Self Portrait  -  Arend Neyhouse


1st Place Printmaking:    Pitt Fantasy II  -  Pat McWilliams


1st Place Photography:     Jannice -  Stephen Fink


1st Place Sculpture:     Aiko  -  Misako Matsumura


1st Place Ceramics:     Blue Jean Lady  -  Joe Plummer


1st Place Collage:     Studio I  -  Lisa Foster




2012 Student Exhibition Award Winners

Best of Show:        Amphora   -  Tim Carter


1st Place Painting:       Daybreak  -  Irene Ward


1st Place Drawing:    Come To Life  -  Hannah Williams


1st Place Printmaking:    Le Printemps  -  Robert Moore


1st Place Photography:     Light on Feet  -  Noel Pohlman


1st Place Sculpture:     Say What?  -  Patty Emerson


1st Place Ceramics:     Set of Miniatures  -  Noel Pohlman


1st Place Collage:     Me With Lines  -  Lisa Foster


2011 Student Exhibition Award Winners

Best of Show:  Matt Goins,  Loss


Painting:  Lois Parks,  Self Portrait


Drawing:  Juen McCollom,  Self Portrait


Ceramics:  Jennifer Carine,  Little Mourning


Sculpture:  Len Roberts,  Biracial


Printmaking:  Kim Hee Luebking,  Tree of Life


Photography:  Sydney Joslin-Knapp,  Decay & Atrophy Series: Scavenge


Collage:  Kim Hee Luebking,  Peace



 2010 Student Exhibition Award Winners

Best of Show:  Zak MooreWaking

Painting: Loren L. LorenzoMotel Time

Sculpture:  Matt GoinsLet There Be Water

Drawing:  Jonathan Hammond,  Underground

Printmaking:  Matt Goins,  Man

Photography:  Brenda Harkless,  The Irony of Life I

Collage:  Blake Andrews,  Noise

Ceramics:  Steve Rulka,  Lost in the Water




 2009 Student Exhibition Award Winners

Best of Show:  Anna MoserOne

Painting: Katherine Cruse,  Prairie Solitude

Sculpture:  Audrey Buschor,  untitled

Drawing:  Constance B. Murray,  Scream

Printmaking:  Audrey Buschor,  The Feast

Photography:  Erin Naber,  untitled

Collage:  Lukas Campbell,  Crazy

Ceramics:  Phyllis Koessler,  Global Warming