Shannon Thomas got his start at Sinclair with a degree in printing technologies. Co-founding his business, Four Ambition, in 2011, he specializes in screen printed apparel and posters, embroidery, buttons and graphic design.

Designed to be at Sinclair, Shannon took no opportunity for granted. Yearning for additional challenges in his major, he used the printing lab and resources provided to print projects that prepared him for his future beyond Sinclair.
“Sinclair has an amazing graphics department,” Thomas complimented. Shannon noted that this would not have been possible without the support of his professors. “I felt like a lot of the teachers and professors cared more than most other colleges,” he said.

While in the lab one day, Shannon received a phone call from a local employer to schedule a job interview. The printing press was running in the background and made a good first impression to the employer, Oregon Printing. Shannon worked there for four years before opening Four Ambition.
Running his company now, Shannon leads current students with his bright insights. “Take advantage of all the opportunities that Sinclair offers,” he said. “Take some fun classes and get to know the people you’re in class with.”