Pat and William


“I dreamt when I was nine years old, on West Third St. and going to Jackson School, of living in Africa and doing volunteer work abroad,” said Pat Carter. “Sinclair was my gateway to learning and finding my potential in life’s pursuit.”

Pat and her husband, William, recently returned from serving in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the West Indies for the U.S. Peace Corps. Pat hosted a call-in radio show about HIV/AIDS while William taught welding safety and regulations.

It’s always been a team effort for Pat and William Carter. More than 60 years down the road, and with 44 years of marriage along for the ride, Pat said, “I give much credit for our adventurous spirit to my education and teaching time at Sinclair.”

Pat left a lucrative job in sales via radio to become a full-time Sinclair student and ended up becoming an adjunct professor and Alumni Association board member. Since then she has retired from owning a business consultancy for more than 35 years and earned her master of arts degree from Antioch University McGregor.

With Pat’s dyslexia, Sinclair provided support for testing and proctors through disability services. She said this was invaluable. Although her degree was individualized for International Marketing and Political Science, Pat took swimming classes; her favorite class was logic, and she attended free lectures from guest speakers as well. For Pat, time spent at Sinclair is best used “to explore and discover the other sides of life and learning.”