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Why Sinclair?

Sinclair is the perfect place to complete your associate’s degree, train for an in-demand career field, or just follow your passion. Sinclair has been serving the community and region for 128 years and, with over 220 regionally accredited programs to choose from, Sinclair graduates are prepared to transfer to a four-year university or enter the region’s workforce with the skills needed for success. And they are making that transition with the most affordable tuition in the state of Ohio which translates to little or no student debt!

What makes Sinclair special? Our nationally ranked faculty are committed to student success. With a student/faculty ratio of 19:1, you will get to know each of your faculty members in an engaging classroom environment and feel a part of the Sinclair community. While at Sinclair, you will have the opportunity to be actively involved in internships, co-ops and clinicals which are equipping Sinclair graduates for bright futures with increased earning potential.

Sinclair can be the Best Road to Your Future!


223 Certificate and Degree programs are available

Nearly 300

Number of different degree and certificate programs offered

Online Classes


Sinclair has 35 fully online programs (14 associate degrees and 21 certificates)

Sinclair has 5 locations throughout the Dayton Region

5 Locations

Sinclair has 5 locations in Dayton, Centerville, Englewood, Huber Heights and Mason.

1/10th the Tuition Costs


The average annual tuition cost for a Sinclair full-time undergraduate is 1/10th the cost of a private 4-year and 1/3rd of a public 4-year university

Student/Faculty Ratio


Sinclair's student/faculty ratio, of 19:1 is among the lowest at any Ohio college.

Increased Earnings


Students who complete degrees at Sinclair see a 114% median increase in their yearly earnings the first year after graduation

International Students

Over 1,200

In 2014-15 Sinclair had over 1,200 international students from 95 countries

Sinclair Grads


More than 15,000 credentials have been earned by Sinclair students in the last four years, making Sinclair the region's first choice for their undergraduate degree.

university transfer


Sinclair has more than 100 university transfer agreements that make it easy to transfer to advanced study. More than 3,500 Sinclair students transfer every year.

clinical opportunities


2,866 Sinclair students participated in more than 300 clinical, co-op and internship opportunities in 2014-15

Sinclair has a high approval rating from graduates


Sinclair graduates rating the overall quality of Sinclair as good to excellent

Sinclair has been in business for 128 years

128 years

Number of years Sinclair has been serving the community after being founded in 1887

Student Success Stories

Check out these amazing student success stories! Or write to us and share your Sinclair student success story.