Mathematics (MAT)

One Year Time Limit on Math Prerequisites—Effective Fall Quarter 2010

Karl Hess, Chairperson Mathematics Department (937) 512-2585

Sinclair Community College offers an associate degree program
emphasizing the field of mathematics. Throughout history, humans
have used mathematics as a framework on which to organize and analyze
their thoughts about science, finance, engineering, and even the very
nature of truth and logic. Mathematics is sometimes defined as the
study of implications. Studying mathematics can have big implications
for the way in which you view the world!

Through our program, you will learn how to use mathematics to
solve problems that arise both in everyday life and in the careers of
actuaries, operations researchers, statisticians, economists, and many
others. Moreover, you will get the opportunity to hone the skills that
mathematicians hold most dear: the ability to construct arguments that
are rigorous and complete; the ability to discern patterns; and the ability
to re-examine the assumptions that underlie any system of scientific
or logical thought, and to determine what the implications of new
assumptions might be.