Labs and Facilities
GAT II trainer

The GAT II multi-function trainer, the PCATD (Personal Computer Aviation Training Device), maintenance labs at Miami Valley Career Technology Center, and the flight lab at Wright Brothers Airport are the facilities and labs utilized by the aviation technology students.

The GAT II multi-motion flight training device provides real world visuals - pitch, roll, and yaw simulation - in response to pilot input. The GAT-II offers general aviation pilots access to important procedures and proficiency training in a safe environment. The GAT II is FAA certified, and pilots can log time towards their instrument and commercial ratings with an authorized Siinclair flight instructor.

Sinclair also offers an automated spatial disorientation training course in the GAT II. Spatial disorientation training emphasizes the physiological hazards pilots may experience at any time during flight.

In addition to the outstanding simulation hardware utilized in the pilot programs, the Aviation Technology Department also offers training with Satellite Tool Kit software which provides students with state-of-the-art aerospace simulations and modeling tools for professional development as well as personal interest.