Students and community members alike have the opportunity to perform in any of fifteen music department ensembles.  All music majors are required to perform in an ensemble for four semesters.  Participation in ensembles provides music students with opportunities to apply the techniques and skills learned in applied music and to synthesize the knowledge and basic concepts from their music theory and history classes.  Ensemble participation also provides opportunities to observe the kind of rehearsal techniques that students might utilize when given the opportunity to function as conductors later in their musical careers.   Moreover, through ensemble participation, students can become familiar with the repertoire indigenous to each specific type of ensemble, and they can learn the capabilities and idiomatic practices of other instruments or voices in their ensemble.

For more information on Ensembles, please refer to the Table of Contents in the Student Handbook. http://www.sinclair.edu/academics/lcs/departments/mus/pub/StudentHandbook.pdf