Media Duplication
Guidelines For Duplication
The Modern Languages Lab has masters for the audio exercises in your lab manuals or workbooks.
  1. Please provide one 1 blank CD for each lesson you want duplicated.
  2. CDs must be inside a protective sleeve or case.
  3. Please remove all packaging film, shrink-wrap, and extra labels from your blank materials.
  4. We can not accept CD-RWs.  Only CD-Rs can be duplicated.
  5. You will find labels on the Dubbing Drop-Off bin. Please put your name, your textbook title, and the lesson number you are requesting, on a label. Attach the label to your CD
    Only one label per request is required. We will provide individual labels for each CD
  6. Single copies can usually be done while you wait. The exception to this may
    occur immediately before or after classes, the first week of the quarter.
  7. Requests for multiple copies (3-7) may require a 48 hr. turn-around time.
  8. Finished Materials will be placed in the Dubbing Pick-Up bin as soon as they are completed.
If you have any questions or need any special assistance, please ask.
We are here to help you.