Interior Design (IND)

What is Interior Design?  Interior designers work with clients to design interior spaces to meet the functional, social and psychological needs of the occupants.  Interior design involves a professional approach to problem solving.  Solutions often include collaboration with related professionals to insure the design protects the health, safety and welfare of the occupants. Interior design includes many aspects of interior decorating, but also includes lighting, built-in cabinetry, space planning and oftentimes, the shape and material of non-load bearing partitions.
Students interested in a career in Interior Design can pursue an associate degree in Interior Design.  This is a career program providing state-of-the-art instruction which helps develop real world job skills.
The development of computer-aided drafting skills, professional portfolio and job seeking techniques are emphasized in the curriculum.  Most Interior Design majors enter the work place after graduation; others choose to continue their education in Interior Design at a four-year institution.