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DAYMUNC Staff Information

About the Staff

Our staff consists of faculty, staff, students, and volunteers from universities and offices located in the greater Dayton region. DAYMUNC Staff members are appointed by the DAYMUNC Faculty Directors and the DAYMUNC Secretary General.

If you are interested in working as staff for DAYMUNC, please contact the Secretary General at for more information or apply here.

Important Dates

Important Schedule dates of events concerning DAYMUNC XXVIII

January 22, 2022 Zoom One Day Simulation
January 28, 2022 Position Papers DUE by Midnight
February 4-5, 2022 DAYMUNC XXIX

We try to emulate the rules and practices of NMUN. DAYMUNC is above all a learning conference - we are here to have fun, learn about international affairs and UN procedure, and to meet and socialize with students from other schools. It is not a teaching conference - delegates are guided, but not directed; we welcome students and adult groups from all levels of preparation and experience; everyone’s opinion is equally valued.