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Instructional Design

The Instructional Design Department partners with Sinclair faculty to design and develop highly effective, multi-modality, technology-enabled eCourses to promote student success at Sinclair and supports faculty through high-quality online trainings.

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Building 7, Second Floor 
Monday - Friday
, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

Melissa Hart, Manager


The Instructional Design department offers a range of services to meet your needs including: 

  • Collaborate with faculty on instructional design and content development for Sinclair’s approved course modalities (online, blended, online with scheduled meeting times, FlexPace) and proficiency exams
  • Research and communicate current trends in online learning, quality assurance standards, accreditation requirements, and accessibility regulations
  • Design the eLearning templates for eLearning courses
  • Support course maintenance for online, blended, and FlexPace revisions and updates
  • Develop faculty and student training and resources for eLearn (Sinclair’s learning management system) 
  • Assist with design and content to cultivate diversity and an inclusive environment for students’ success
  • Test, implement, and communicate the most up-to-date changes to eLearn

Sinclair is a proud member of Quality Matters (QM) and uses its principles of course design to guide course development projects.

Quality Matters logo (used with permission)

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