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Course Collaborations

What is it?

A continuation of the course development or revision process, which partners Course Coordinators and teaching faculty with eLearning Coaches to improve the teaching and learning experience in Sinclair's eLearn courses. Collaborations allow new course development or revision projects to have a "review and refine" phase to test what is working well and what could be improved during the first term.

How does it work?

Coaches review eLearn content and delivery tools in conjunction with student performance and feedback to provide recommendations for course improvements and enhancements throughout the term.

What to expect:

  • An average time commitment of 4-6 hours during the semester for meetings and course enhancements in eLearn
  • Coaches are there to collect and report student feedback on the course's design and delivery tools, review the course from the student perspective and provide suggestions for tweaks and enhancements, assist with agreed upon enhancements in eLearn, learn from faculty what works well vs. where the challenges reside and provide solutions, and provide course-based student support including communication and intervention if desiered.
  • Coaches are not there to assess teaching, monitor grading, report observations, or any other functions that may be viewed as "overseeing", or serve as content experts in the subject area.

Participating faculty have experienced:

  • An overall improvement in course design and course delivery
  • Improved knowledge of eLearn tools and features
  • Receiving feedback that challenged them to think differently
  • Implementing changes in their course that benefited students and improved their teaching experience
  • Feeling more prepared to teach in eLearn
  • Increased confiedence in knowing where to go for help

Interested faculty pursuing a new course development or course revision should contact Jessica Hodell at