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Advisory and Oversight

The eLearning Division embodies Sinclair's culture of shared oversight and formal policies in decision making, strategic planning, technical oversight, and other areas. 

eLearn Advisory Group 

The eLearn Advisory Group collaborates with the eLearning Division to discuss updates, make continuious improvement recommendations, and address student and faculty issues with eLearn - the Sinclair Learning Management System. 

  • Business & Public Services: Pam Chambers (CJS), Brad West (BIS)
  • Health Sciences: Karen Motley (HIM), Susan Miller (NSG) 
  • Liberal Arts, Communication, & Social Sciences: Vonya Lewis-Thornton (HIS), Adam Thompson (VIS) 
  • Science, Mathematics, & Engineering: Craig Birkemeier (MAT), Shan Huang (PHY) 
  • eLearning: Greg Deye (LT), Nandni Hirani (LT), Melissa Hart (ID), Brenda McKinley (ID), Dana Sassenberg (FL) 
  • Sinclair Staff: Vince Calautti (Centerville Advising Generalist), Teresa Parker (Advising), Cyrus Stork (CCP) 

Online Teaching and Learning Committee 

The Online Teaching and Learning committee advises the Division of Instruction on policies and practices that influence the quality of online teaching and learning for faculty and students. It's structure is regulated by the Faculty Handbook and members serve a two-year term. 

  • Business & Public Services: Jennifer Day (BIS), Jessy Jones (MAN/MRK)
  • Health Sciences: Mary Brown (ALH), Carolyn Reno (VET)
  • Liberal Arts, Communication, & Social Sciences: Kristin Kwasny (PSY), Nadine Cichy (COM), Kate Geiselman (ENG), Scott Reinemann (GEO)
  • Science, Mathematics, & Engineering: Amanda Duselis (BIO), Sandy Specht (BIO), Kelly Ripperger (CHE)
  • eLearning: Jessica Hodell (FL), Greg Deye (LT)
  • CTL: Dair Arnold