It all adds up! With the Accounting program at Sinclair Community College, you will be prepared to enter the business areas of general accounting and cost accounting. You will learn the theoretical, computer, and practical background nececessary for supervisory and administrative careers in accounting as well as other areas of business.

The personal computer technology and the growth of information are reshaping the office and the role of the end user and information worker. The Business Information Systems department is dedicated to providing career programs that prepare students for well as allowing an existing computer end user or office professional to upgrade skills. The program also helps the community meet employment needs.

What an exciting time to be involved with Information Technology! The industry continues to grow at an incredible rate, and there is an increasing shortage of qualified personnel.

Sinclair Community College is a comprehensive two-year institution of higher education committed to providing quality educational programs for the Montgomery County area. The Criminal Justice Department recognizes that education helps individuals to achieve occupational goals and thus become productive members of society.

The Training Academy, part of the Department of Criminal Justice at Sinclair Community College, offers both pre-service and in-service training to support the needs of area law enforcement and corrections agencies as well as private business and industry. Peace Officer, Corrections, and Private Security training offered through the Criminal Justice Training Academy follows the curriculum and standards of the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission, and all commanders and instructors are certified by OPOTA. The Training Academy is located in Building 19 at 214 South Wilkinson Street, near the corner of Fifth and Wilkinson Streets.

Economics deals with the causes and effects of individuals, groups and whole societies producing, distributing, and utilizing natural, manufactured, and human resources. There is a natural partnership between economics and business. At Sinclair, you can build a solid foundation in the economic principles required for success in business or to transfer to a university program.

With this program, students acquire the skills to become Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) or Paramedics who provide immediate out-of-hospital care to the critically ill and injured. EMT's and Paramedics must be capable of functioning with authority and good judgment in a variety of circumstances under difficult and stressful conditions, and must be caring persons with the desire to help others.

Interested in a rewarding career in the financial world? The Financial Management program at Sinclair Community College will prepare you for a career in a bank, savings association, credit union, or other financial institution.

This Associate of Applied Science degree program prepares students for careers in fire protection, inspection, arson investigation, emergency response, and fire administration. Sinclair is chartered by the State of Ohio to provide certified firefighter and rescue training.

The Hospitality Management program can get you started in the right direction, from running a first class hotel to a five-star restaurant. Baking, cooking, and nutrition courses are also available for personal interest or career development students, and can be used for continuing education credits for employees in the hospitality industry. Day, evening, and week-end classes are available. NOTE: Travel & Tourism - TNT - degree program was discontinued Summer of 2007. Students interested in completing the program should review the TNT to HMTTT link to verify course equivalencies between the old and the new programs. Also, a degree audit under the new Tourism program should be done by an Academic Advisor to assure you are taking the correct course for degree completion.

Management professionals work with people and other resources to accomplish an organization's goals. They assume a broad range of responsibilities and roles, from first-line supervision to mid-level coordination of organizational planning and operations with strategic planning executives.

Marketing Management graduates play a vital role in organizations that need products and services effectively and profitably distributed. Organizational functions of these graduates range from direct sales and customer services to management and coordination of personnel, sales territories, and promotional activities.

The Paralegal Program prepares students for a rewarding job in the legal profession as a Paralegal, including opportunities with law firms, corporations, title companies, financial institutions, and government offices. Courses in this two-year Associate Degree program are team-taught by attorneys and paralegals, offering the latest in legal technology and real-world situations.

Sinclair Community College - in cooperation with the Dayton Area Board of Realtors and the surrounding communities -offers a comprehensive Real Estate Education program.

The Travel and Tourism (TNT) degree program has been discontinued and replaced with Hospitality Management & Tourism/Tourism Concentration (HMTTT). See TNT to HMTTT/Tourism for updates on degree requirements.