Who Is Ira?

A large part of Sinclair Community College's green initiatives was to get rid of the waste created by the quarterly class schedule. It had been estimated that each year's worth of printed schedules was taller than ten Statues of Liberty, or if laid side by side, could cover more than 213 football fields. To start making a change for the better, the Winter 2009 schedule was no longer going to be printed, instead it would be available exclusively online. To inform students of this change, the college sought to create original marketing pieces to grab everyone's attention.

During the creation process, Sir Ira Froggington, III (also know as “Ira”), quickly emerged as the new “green” face of Sinclair. Even though his formal introduction was scheduled for fall, he made earlier appearances in other Sinclair materials and at college events.

Sir Ira has seen a turnaround in his life at Sinclair. He might have started off spray painting walls and inciting revolutions, but even he has seen the worth in “greening” the campus. Ira now passes out energy-efficient light bulbs and comingles regularly using the college’s new recycling bins. Ira truly sees how easy it is to be green – you might even see him around campus on his bicycle or parking in the garage with his carpooling buddies.