The State of Sinclair College

Summary of Speech Delivered by Dr. Steven L. Johnson, President and CEO
April 16, 2014

The state of Sinclair is very strong, as it is:

  1. Maintaining alignment to the community in the face of rapid change
  2. Financially sound, stable and continuing on a sustainable path
  3. Among the most accessible colleges
  4. Most aggressively working to improve systems leading to better student completion
  5. Fully engaged in assessing and responding to the changing environment

Sinclair President’s Priority Initiatives (2014–2015)

  1. Redesign the Student Support Center
    Going to college can be an overwhelming experience, and with one of the largest two-year campuses in the nation, Sinclair can be especially challenging. Students will benefit from a one-stop approach to career assessment and counseling, academic advising, registration, financial aid and the many other support services that are necessary to ensuring student success.
  2. Design and Implement the National UAS Training and Certification Center
    The State of Ohio and the Dayton Region have invested heavily in UAS technology and the development of this emerging industry. Sinclair's center, which will focus on training and certification for civilian UAS applications such as first responders, precision agriculture and geospatial analysis, will be the first of its kind in the nation.
  3. Design and Implement the New Health Sciences
    Healthcare is undergoing a vast transformation, from a system that has been built on acute, clinical care to one that is focused on the patient and coordinated care through wellness and education. As the largest producer of healthcare professionals in Southwest Ohio, Sinclair's programs, people and facilities need to be aligned with this new model of healthcare delivery.
  4. Implement Enhanced K12 Partnerships and Services
    As the world becomes more complex, the educational system must become more effective in preparing students for careers in the high-tech economy. Working with K12 teachers and administrators, Sinclair will engage younger students in career and college readiness earlier so that they can be more successful on their career pathways.

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