Emergency Services
The Department of Public Safety is committed in providing a safe environment for students, faculty and staff. Emergency information regarding our emergency services is provided below. Please familiarize yourself with these services BEFORE an emergency occurs.

When the College Closes Unexpectedly or Evacuates Buildings 

Periodically, the college may unexpectedly close due to weather or other emergency conditions. Students, staff and faculty are strongly encouraged to sign up for emergency alerts through Nixle and/or listen to local radio and television stations for closing or delay information or call the Sinclair Information Line at (937) 512-2888. PLEASE DO NOT CALL SINCLAIR POLICE FOR CLOSING INFORMATION.

Campus Evacuations

There may be times when it is necessary to evacuate campus buildings due to such events as fires, explosions, chemical spills, etc. Emergency evacuations are announced over the Emergency Broadcast System, operated by  Sinclair Police. The system is designed to provide immediate instructions and information to building occupants and direct them to appropriate safe areas.

If an evacuation is ordered, elevators are not to be used under any circumstances. Disabled persons will be given priority during an evacuation. No one will be permitted to enter a building that has been evacuated.

Here is what the evacuation alert sounds like -

Sample Evacuation Alert sound clip

Earthquake Safety 

Incident Response Plans

Reaching Emergency Services 

A printable flyer to place near your phone listing emergency service phone numbers.