Parking Payment & Policy Information

Payment Information

Auxiliary Services Fee Update

Effective Fall Semester 2015, students enrolled in for-credit courses will be assessed a $50 Auxiliary Services Fee per semester. The Auxiliary Services Fee will support the operation, maintenance, and security of the parking garage and all parking lots and roadways at all Sinclair campuses as well as to help support a portion of Bookstore and Food Service operations for the college.

·         This change will provide unlimited access to Sinclair student parking facilities at no additional charge for the full semester.


·         While parking at the Dayton campus, students will swipe their Tartan card at entry or exit of the student garage or lots, but no charge will be assessed on their Tartan cash account. The Auxiliary Services Fee will activate the Tartan card for unlimited parking access at no additional charge for all currently registered student each term. One of the many benefits of this Auxiliary Fee is when registered and the fee is assessed, unlimited parking access will begin thirty days prior to the first day of the term and one day after the term ends.


·         Important change: Beginning August 1, 2015, the visitor rate will increase from $2 to $5 per day, so students should register for classes as soon as possible to activate their unlimited parking access.


Sinclair’s campuses and regional locations provide open access to all student support resources and encourage students to take advantage of the many resources available through this access.


Policies & Procedures

  • Payment Methods Accepted: Cash, Credit Card (MasterCard & Visa), or Tartan Card
  • Please have payment ready before pulling to exit
  • There is no free in/out of any Sinclair parking lot
  • No bill larger than $20.00 can be changed
  • Count your change before leaving the exit booth
  • No foreign coin/currency can be accepted
  • Please use all available lanes for Tartan card payments
  • Do not back up at any time once the exit gate raises

Motorcycle Parking

  • Motorcycle parking is available in the designated spaces in Lot B only. The entrance to this lot is off of 4th Street and exits onto 5th Street.