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How to Work with Marketing

What we can do for you.

The marketing department provides the following services to Sinclair Community College programs and departments:

  • Planning of marketing & advertising campaigns for SEM programs
  • Branded art templates (e.g. brochure, flyers, booklet, postcard, poster, powerpoint, program sheets, signage, etc.)
  • Graphic design (e.g. logo sizing, swag, decals, displays, etc.)
  • Web design (e.g. digital marketing, user experience, tracking data analysis, web graphics, etc.)
  • External advertising (e.g. email banner art, mailers, etc.)
  • Internal advertising (e.g. CastNet, calendar & news feed, etc.)
  • Photography & videography for external enrollment marketing
  • Social media marketing

Marketing requests must be submitted through Forms Central using our Request Forms before the semester deadlines:

  • In July fall semester (Requests for Fall Semester submitted before July 1 will automatically be included in the Fall Semester request review);
  • In November for spring and summer semesters.

    Submission dates will be published on for each request period.

Submission of your request is not a guarantee that these services can be provided by the department. Project requests are accepted based on SEM priority planning and department availability.