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How to Use Wrike

Wrike is the project management system used by Sinclair's Marketing department.

This helps us to centrally schedule, plan, review, communicate and report on the work done, all while collaborating with the hundreds of internal customers across Sinclair we provide service for.

All marketing projects go through Wrike.

Wrike will automatically notify you by email of project updates as they happen. You can reply to project emails in outlook and it will automatically update the project inside of Wrike with your response.

Collaborating with Us in Wrike

As a collaborator with us inside Wrike, you will also be able to work in the Wrike system to:

  • See your project activity
  • See comments or add comments
  • View your project timeline
  • View your project's task list and statuses
  • Update statuses or dates
  • Review and proof submitted art
  • Receive final proof

How it Works: The Process

  1. When submitting a marketing request, be sure to include all information. All Marketing requests must be submitted through Forms Central using our Request Forms before the semester deadlines:
    • by July 23, 2021 for fall semester;
    • and by November 19, 2021 for spring and summer semesters.
  2. All July submissions will be notified by Aug 13. You will be notified through Wrike if your request was accepted, denied, or if there is any issues with your request. 
    1. If your request is accepted, your request will be assigned in Wrike to a Marketing team member, who will be your point of contact for that request.
    2. If your request is denied, we will offer alternative options.
    3. If your request has issues, we will ask in Wrike what is needed to move forward.

      If you have not been contacted by a member of the marketing team by Aug 13 about your marketing request, please let us know by emailing
  3. A proof will be provided inside Wrike.
  4. Due to our limited resources and the number of time-sensitive jobs that move through the Marketing Department, only two sets of edits are accepted on any job. After two sets, the job may be reprioritized for a later delivery date. Customers are expected to respond to proof reviews within 2 business days with all required changes at once. All edits must be submitted through the Wrike project at one time, no outside emails or revisions will be accepted.
  5. Upon final approvals, marketing will send final required files to the customer, as well as any approval documents needed for purchasing. It is the customers responsibility to work with approved vendors for production, payment, and distribution.