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Sinclair Culture

"Find the need
and endeavor to meet it."

- David Sinclair, Founder

As the oldest community college in the nation, David Sinclair's original vision still holds true today and is the foundation of our campus culture. Sinclair seeks employees that share in the values and beliefs of our founder and who are dedicated to focusing their efforts on student success.

Students First

  • Employees are internally driven to inspire and encourage student success
  • Provide high quality customer service to our students, employees, and staff
  • Employees encouraged to create unique learning opportunities and partner with students through their educational journey

Community Aligned

  • Our employees are encouraged to partner and collaborate with top local industry leaders thus providing industry specific programs that meet the needs of the community

Collaboration & Cooperation

  • Faculty and staff work together as a cohesive team driven by common interests and goals
  • Each office has an open door policy, further enhancing collaboration and open communication
  • Employees encouraged to remain fiscally responsible through budget analysis and cost comparisons

Quality & Innovation

  • Provide high quality programming and education
  • Employees are encouraged to grow and develop their own professional knowledge and skills through designated professional development days
  • Motivated to work towards improving the student experience at Sinclair

Faculty and staff getting ready for the annual Veteran's walk outside.