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The CTL leadership committees develop, review and decide upon programs and awards throughout the year. The committees listed below includes the names of faculty serving the college from our four academic divisions: Business and Public Services (BPS), Liberal Arts, Communication and Social Sciences (LCS), Health Sciences (HS), and Science, Mathematics and Engineering (SME).

Should you be interested in serving on the advisory committee, the mini-sabbatical committee, and other opportunities within the CTL, please contact the Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning. Opportunities are typically advertised early Spring Semester for appointments beginning Fall Semester. We also have opportunities for faculty to serve as peer-reviewers as well as CAFE volunteers. Becoming a peer-reviewer and/or a CAFE volunteer is a good way to learn about the CTL and other leadership opportunities.

Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee 

2 year appointment 

  • Dawn Allen (HMCA)
  • Chad Atkinson (RAR)
  • Alex Bohler (BUILT)
  • Mary Brown (ALH)
  • Dan Brunk (THE)
  • Alex Burns (CVC)
  • Jennifer Davis (eLearning)
  • Kathy Elson (MHAS)
  • Patrick Greco (CHE)
  • Angela Haines (HIM)
  • Amy Hartman (Ombuds)
  • Allie Hawley (TLC)
  • Chip Hodges (ACC)
  • Mary Jaqua (eLearning)
  • Jessy Jones (JOU)
  • Sarah Kiewitz (ENG)
  • Tammy Lowe (MSG)
  • Lily Murray (LIB)
  • Kim Pasene (ECE)
  • Chris Prokes (eLearn)
  • Jennifer Romero (BIS)
  • Ginger Sietman (ENG)
  • Jim Simonson (EMS)
  • Regina Wellman (Advising)
  • Brad West (BIS)

First Year Faculty Experience Planning Committee 

1-2 year appointment 

  • Angela Bell (SUR)
  • Kimberly Pasene (CFE)
  • Brad West (BIS)

Mini-Sabbatical Committee

2 year appointment

  • Kathy Elson (MHAS)
  • Kenneth Hodges (ACC)
  • Jennifer Romero (BIS)
  • Troy Singleton (AUT)

Adjunct Faculty Certification Facilitator Team 


  • Kim Pasene (CFE)
  • Brad West (BIS)

Fall Professional Development Day Planning Committee 

1 year appointment, term ends December

  • Dair Arnold (ENG)
  • Debra Belcher (PTA)
  • Mary Brown (ALH)
  • Mike Canestaro (CHE)
  • Amy Gibson (ASL)
  • Alexandria Hawley (TLC)
  • Eric Henderson (COU)
  • Mia Hubbard (COM)
  • Mary Jaqua (eLearn)
  • Jason Jia (CSIT)
  • Karla Knepper (Advising)
  • Krissy Mayes (LTS)
  • Julie McDaniel (LIB)
  • Nicole Morris (ASL)
  • John Parcell (MUS)
  • Chris Prokes (eLearn)
  • Michael Rhinehart (LAW)
  • Dana Sassenberg (LTS)
  • Renee Schmitz (HIM)
  • Alica Schroeder (Student Affairs)
  • Kelly Smith (COM)
  • David Stott (MAT)
  • Deborah Strehle (ENG)
  • Lani Wildow (MAT)
  • Linda Albaugh (CTL)

Peer Reviewers 


  • Heidi Arnold (COM)
  • David Bodary (COM)
  • Shan Huang (PHY)
  • Aaron Moyer (ENG)
  • Derek Petrey (HGML)
  • Amanda Romero (DES)
  • Kathy Rowell (SOC)
  • John Ulrich (COM)
  • Mary Wells (PSY)
  • Brad West (BIS)